Luckan Integration offers individual advisory appointments free of charge for immigrants to help the integration process. The service is meant for all immigrants, regardless of the reason for moving to Finland or if you have or have not a residence permit.

Depending on the clients’ wishes, we can offer the advisory appointments in English, Finnish or Swedish. We recommend you to book it in advance, which give our advisors a chance to prepare for the session so that it is as productive as possible for you.

We can help you with questions related to the following topics:

  • Advice where to look for work and useful tips about the Finnish job market. How to write a CV and cover letter or improve your existing one (however, we can’t do translations).
  • Useful information and tools to find the right educational program or opportunity. How the application process will go.
  • Information about where to find language courses, both Finnish and Swedish.
  • Help in finding and contacting the right authorities. If you have questions about Kela, employment office (te-toimisto), social office or taxation, we can advice you where to go.
  • Advice on where to find different kinds of free-time activities, cultural events or associations.
  • Advice on finding possibilities for volunteer work.

Principles for the advisory appointments:

  • All customers are treated equally and respectfully.
  • All information given by customers is confidential and won’t be saved  in any databases.
  • You have the possibility to get information and advice anonymously. You don’t need to present any identity card or official documents (like residence permit).
  • We have a customer-oriented approach and help is provided according to your individual needs.
  • Empowerment: customers are encouraged to take active roles in positively influencing life encounters and everyday life challenges.
  • In case needed, our customers are properly guided and directed to the appropriate authority, institution or organization.
  • Luckan Integration is an independent and neutral actor.
  • Freedom of choice: customers are provided with alternatives in order to expand their options and encourage active decision-making.
  • Our services are free of charge.