DÖRREN leads to connections. Connections lead to job opportunities.

Dörren creates meetings between immigrants and people who feel established in Finland with the aim of exchanging experience and knowledge about a shared professional sector. Dörren helps immigrants broaden their professional networks while helping people who are established in Finland to make use of the competence and knowledge that people with a foreign background have.

Soon launching: The new dorren.fi webpage with registration link for Participants and Door Openers!
Please contact us at dorren(a)luckan.fi if you want to be informed when we launch Dörren!

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How does it work?

Register and get matched

After you have registered you will be matched with a person from the same sector.

The actual meeting – Meet for an hour over a cup of coffee

You meet for an hour for example over a cup of coffee. We suggest a time, but you decide when and where you meet. Use our conversation guide as support.

Share 2 contacts

After the meeting, the Door opener shares two contacts that the Participant could benefit from meeting, this way networks are broadened. Please use our e-mail templates as support.

What is the Door?

The aim of Dörren is to make it easier for immigrants to expand their professional network but also to make it easier for those already established in Finland to take advantage of the skills and knowledge that people with a foreign background possess. In the long run, it is about increasing diversity in working life and a faster integration path through networks.

The concept is simple: you register and subsequently get matched with someone from the same sector. The Door opener and the Participant meet for an hour over a cup of coffee, after which the Door opener provides two further contacts that could interesting for the Participant to meet. This is how networks become broader.

Dörren is a result of a collaboration between Luckan in Finland and Axfoundation in Sweden who has developed the concept of Yrkesdörren.

Did you know that 70% of jobs are mediated through contacts?

In other words, networks are fundamental in working life. In Dörren, meetings are created between those who feel established in Finland and those who are born abroad and want to build a network in Finland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process look like?

In Dörren we match people who feel established in Finland, Door openers, with foreign-born Participants. A Dörren meeting should be simple and pleasant. All you have to do is meet for one hour with the aim of exchanging sector related experience and identifying two new contacts that the Door opener puts the Participant in touch with. If the two of you want to meet again it is ok for us, everything within Dörren is based on volunteering. If you want a clear framework for continued meetings, maybe our mentor program FIKA could be something for you.

When you have registered, we will look for a person who matches your profile. Once we have found a match, an email will be sent to you both to put you in contact with each other. We also suggest a time when the meeting could take place, but it is entirely up to you when, where and how you meet. It is good if you email each other beforehand and give a brief introduction to yourself and let the other person know why you joined Dörren. You can also attach your CV or the link to your LinkedIn profile.

Why should I become a Door opener?

As a Door opener you get to meet someone with the same professional background as you but where the experience is usually taken from another country. Many Door openers experience after the meeting that they have gained new relevant knowledge, broadened their perspectives and gained new contacts. Dörren is an easy way to contribute to increased diversity in working life.

The primary purpose Dörren is to broaden professional networks for foreign-born people and thus speed up labour market integration and to ensure that their skills and competence is utilized. Your main task during the meeting is therefore to describe the sector, its social codes, and to share two more contacts from your network that may be of use to the participant.

You may not even think that you have a large established professional network, but everyone has something to share!

What is expected of you as a Door opener?

The only thing that is expected of you as a Door opener is that you give an hour of your time to talk to someone from the same sector but with a different background than you. You can for example give advice on further education that is relevant, how the participant can improve his or her CV or should present himself in job interviews. You are not expected to offer your match a job, or give more of your time if you don’t have the possibility to do this.

The idea is that, as a Door opener after the meeting – you will pass on two further contacts within a week who in their turn can open more doors by eg. improving the Participant’s understanding of the sector or bring the participant one step closer to an internship or a first interview. You are not expected to offer the Participant a job, but merely add value by sharing your knowledge and experience.

And don’t worry about the size of your contact network – we all have more contacts than we think. If you find it difficult to find a contact, you can always consult a friend or colleague, or as previous Door openers have done – ask an open question on Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can always contact the Dörren if you have questions or need help finding suitable contacts to pass on. We also help you if you want to know more about how work trials are established. 

Am I a Door opener or a Participant?

You make the assessment yourself.  If you feel established in Finland you are a Door opener. If you  feel that you need networks and a better knowledge of your sector in Finland then you are a participant. A door opener can also be foreign-born.

Who do I match with?

The goal is to match you with someone who speaks the same language, lives or works nearby and who has the experience from the same sector as you. Some participants are relatively new in the Finnish society, while others may have lived here for a long time. If you meet and find that it is difficult to find more doors to open, we will help you set up a new meeting with another person.

What does the meeting look like in practice?

In order to make it easier for you, we have developed a conversation guide with suggestions for topics that you can talk about when you meet. You can, among other things, discuss the sector in general, professional roles or career opportunities that could be relevant for the participant. Also discuss social codes that may be good to know. An important part of the meeting is that the Door opener, if possible, shares two further contacts from his or her network that can be of use to the participant.

Where is the meeting going to take place?

Have the meeting in a place that feels comfortable for both of you – preferably at the Door opener’s workplace or a public place, eg. in a cafe.

What happens after the meeting?

A Dörren meeting takes place once lasts an hour. If you want to continue meeting it is up to you, all Dörren activities happen on a volunteer basis. If you want a framework for continued meetings, you can take part in our mentoring program FIKA. An important goal with your Dörren meeting is to identify two persons that the participant can get in touch with and maybe meet. This way, the Door opener helps in broadening the professional network of the Participant, as networks are often crucial for entering the labor market.

After the meeting, the Door opener shares two further contacts with the Participant and the whole process is repeated. The participant and the two new Door Openers decide a time and a place for a new meeting. Through this new doors are opened and everyone’s network grows.

But this is not the only purpose of a meeting through the Dörren: it is also about sharing experiences, knowledge and getting to know the language better. If you, as a Door opener, know that you do not have contacts in your network that the participant can benefit from meeting, then you can contact the Dörren and we will help you.

Don’t forget that as a Door opener you can always sign up for more meetings by registering here! Together we make Finland more inclusive.

How do I formulate a message to my contacts?

To make things easier for you, we have prepared two e-mail templates; one that you can use when you put your contacts and the Participant in touch with each other, and one you can use if you want to tell others in your network about the Door. You can find the email templates here.

Why should I become a participant?

In Finland, seven out of ten jobs are filled through contacts. Therefore, a professional network is important for entering the Finnish labor market. Through the Dörren, you who are foreign-born can meet someone in Finland from the same professional sector as you. You meet for one hour to exchange experiences, after the meeting the Door opener shares two contacts from his or her network that you can benefit from meeting and thus broaden your networks. The idea of ​​the first meeting is not that it should lead to a job, but that you get new contacts, which in turn leads to further contacts. By meeting more and more Door openers, we hope that you will eventually get in touch with people who need the experience and expertise that you offer.

Dörren is also available for those who already have a job but who need contacts to advance in their career. It may, for example, be about finding a job that better matches your education and competence.

What is required to become a participant?

The following is required in order to register as a participant in Dörren:
  • You are born abroad
  • You should be able to have the conversation in Swedish, Finnish or English. It is also possible to have the meeting in another language, provided that there are door openers with that specific language competence.

How many meetings can I have?

As a Door opener, we have no restrictions as to how many meetings you can have / times you can register.

As a participant on the other hand, you can register 2 times. This is because we have more Participants than Door openers, and of course we want as many people as possible to have the chance to have a meeting through Dörren.

How many meetings am I expected to have as a door opener?

As a Door opener, only one meeting with the participant is required, then you suggest further contacts that the participant could benefit from meeting. However, you are welcome to stay in contact and keep on meeting if you want to. If you have the possibility and time to meet more people within the framework of Dörren you can register again as many times as you want. Register again here.

How do I re-activate my profile so that I can get new matches?

To reactivate your profile, you need to register again through the link. See the above question regarding how many meetings you can have. Register again here.

What do I do if I want to open doors outside working life?

You can:
  1. Join the  Circle and meet new people
  2. Become a mentor in FIKA
  3. Take part in Luckan Integration’s events

If I need different kind of support?

If you are unsure of what type of support would be best in your situation, you can always book a guidance with us. We support immigrants in issues such as job search, education, language courses, leisure activities and in finding the right public services.


Dörren is an easy way to get in touch with people from the same professional sector. The purpose is to broaden networks and to increase opportunities for employment that correlates to one’s competence by creating meetings between immigrants and people who feel established in Finland. Whether you are a door opener or a participant, register here. When you register you will receive a confirmation message, after which we will contact you as soon as we have found you a match.

With thanks to Axfoundation and Yrkesdörren