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FIKA- mentor is a program where an established person, with at least a moderate knowledge in Swedish, is matched with someone who wants to know more about the society. The established person acts as a guide to the Finnish society and shares his/her experiences.

Become a mentor

Do you want to meet interesting people from other parts of the world?

Do you want to take part in making refugees and migrants feel welcome, and do you believe in integration through personal contacts?

If you answered yes to the questions above, perhaps the mentor program could be something for you! A mentor is a volunteer willing to work about four hours a month. In exchange you as a mentor will be able to meet new cultures and new people. The period of mentorship within the project is for six months.

You will be given an education for your role as mentor. There are regular activities of support for your mentorship. What is asked of you interested in becoming a mentor is that you attend an introduction course in your local Luckan centre and that you can spare four hours a month for a period of at least six months.

What are the demands on me as a mentor? Am I suitable as a mentor?

Anybody can be a mentor. There are no needs regarding education, situation or experience. Everything you have done in your life counts as a merit when you seek to become a mentor! A mentor has to be at least twenty years old. The mentor needs to be able to discuss in swedish.

It is required to have interests in other cultures and hopes for integration through personal contact.  Mentorship also works both ways, you get to understand the adept’s culture, home country and cultural experiences.  At the same time the mentor has a duty to present and show the Finland-Swedish society, culture and lifestyle. Information that you yourself would like to have if you moved to another country and different culture.

What can you as a mentor do?

As a mentor, you will be given training for your coming role. To make the period of mentorship as rewarding as possible we try to match pairs of mentors and adepts with similar work experience, education and interests. Men will mainly be paired with men and women mainly with women.

A mentor functions as a guide into the Finland-Swedish society. You act like a sounding board, answer questions, give hints and ideas and show how things work in the new culture. The project staff will be available for all questions throughout the time of the project.

The pairs themselves can decide on what they want to do. Perhaps meet over a cup of coffee and just talk. Or they can participate for free in events that BRIDGE and  FIKA organises. FIKA also arranges events and information gatherings for your benefit.

When possible the discussion is held in Swedish so that the adept can practice his/her language skills.

Become a mentee

Do you wish to meet someone who is established in the Finnish society?

Would you like to practice your Swedish or Finnish with someone?

Do you want to share your own experiences and abilities and create something new, a new network?

If you answered yes to these questions you are welcome as an adept to the FIKA-Mentor program!  In this program you will be given an opportunity for personal development through an exchange of experiences with your own mentor.

Your mentor may have similar interests, occupation, education and / or (work-)experiences as you. You meet for approx. four hours every month and discuss, change experiences and do things together. Your mentor is a person who can help you to find the right way to enter the surrounding society.

What is needed to participate?

You need to give six months of your attention to join this project. We do not compensate for travel so you have to be able to come to our events which we arrange in Raseborg, Borgå, Kyrkslätt and the capital region Helsingfors (Helsinki) is the meeting point. Choose the one closest to you!

Participation is free of charge.

The next application period in Helsinki: You can apply for a mentor during the period: 1.5-31.8.2016

Ongoing application period in Kirkkonummi and Porvoo.

Fill out the application and press “skicka/send“ when you are done. The form is sent to the project personnel and your contact information is not shared with third parties. You will get a confirmation by e-mail in five days with more information about the project.