I am glad you got our letter! Since you are new in town we wanted to welcome you. Hope you are enjoying Finland!

On these pages you will find useful information for families, children, youth and adults that are considering integrating in Swedish in the Capital Region; Helsingfors, Esbo, Vanda and Grankulla. If you have further questions you can either come to Luckan, on Georgsgatan 27 in Helsingfors, for a coffee or tea on August 12th between 16-18 or book an appointment with our counselors.

(Please let us now if you are coming on the 12th by sending us an e-mail at welcome (at) luckan.fi by August 9th.)

Luckan is a vibrant Finland-Swedish Information and Culture Center packed with information, culture and activities open for all! We offer professional guidance in finding work, language courses, studies, free time activities according to your needs. We are also experts of Swedish integration in the Capital Region.

Here you find our networking services Fika, Dörren and the Circle.

Integrating in Swedish in the Capital Region


These pages are mainly for those expecting a baby or parents with newborn.

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Information about education and recreational activities for children aged 1 to 12 years.

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Information for youth aged 13 and up.

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Information about education for immigrants in Swedish, language courses, employment, events and recreational activities.

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You might already know that You, in the bilingual Finland, 

+ the Swedish language opens up the Nordic countries for you!

There are possibilities to study Swedish if you are unemployed, a stay-at-home parent and alongside work or studies. Most of the courses start in the autumn! Maybe Swedish could be a language for you?

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. The cities in the Capital Region Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Grankulla are all bilingual, with 65 000 registered Swedish speakers. In total 5% of the population are registered as Swedish speakers. 

Book an appointment with Luckan Integration in order to get help with your individual situation.

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