Integration training in Swedish (starts in September)

An integration training is a language course, which includes information about the Finnish society and individual guidance. In Uusimaa there are three providers of Swedish integration training. They are open for all interested. However, as unemployed they can be accepted as part of your integration plan or seen as part-time studies. Find out more from your local TE-office.


Helsingfors arbis, The Swedish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki, offers integration training in Swedish.


Borgå Folkakademi, Akan, offers integration training courses and basic adult education on Swedish.


Lärkkulla offers Swedish language programmes

Swedish for Parents

Stay at home parents are offered a Swedish course with on-site childcare by Helsingfors arbis. Enroll for the entrance test on August 27th here.

Basic Adult Education

At the moment this is the only elementary education for adults provided in Swedish in the Uusimaa region. Akan offers for young refugees (age 18-25) and even older the possibility to study at our ”Elementary school for Adults (GUV)”.The course is in Swedish and starts in September 2019.

Valma – Preparatory education for vocational school studies

Prakticum offers a one-year study programme that prepares the student for vocational school studies and supports swedish language learning. On-going application.

Cook – vocational degree in restaurant and catering services

Axxell (a vocational school) offers a vocational degree in Swedish but with language support. Required language level is A2.1. Starts September 2019.

Swedish language courses

Swedish language courses are offered mainly by the Swedish Adult Education Centers in the capital region and the Helsinki Summer University, usually in late spring and summer. Occasionally you can find Swedish courses from the Open Universities and Open Universities of Applied Sciences (Mainly Hanken & Arcada)

Where to search for courses?


  • Espoo Adult Education Center, Esbo arbis
  • The Swedish Adult Education Center of Helsinki, Helsingfors arbis
  • Vantaa Adult Education Center, Vanda vuxeninstitut

  • Adult Education Institution of Kauniainen courses

Helsinki Summer University (in spring and summer)

How do I know which language level is suitable for me?

The educational providers inform about the starting level of a course by using The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR.

Self-assessment test

To assess your own level in Swedish you can use Folkuniversitetet’s online self-assessment test.

National Certificate of Language Proficiency (Yki-testi)

Application for Finnish citizenship requires the passing of a language test. This test is called Allmän språkexamen på mellannivå in Swedish (YKI-testi in Finnish). The level required for passing is B1.2. Next test date is: 16.11.2019 (enrolment in September). The test is offered in Helsinki this autumn by Helsingfors arbis.

Vocational training

There are four Swedish vocational schools in Uusimaa: Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum, Yrkesinstitutet Inveon, Folkhälsan Solvalla and Axxell. The teaching language is Swedish. Prakticum and Axxell offer programmes specifically for students who need more support with language learning.

Educational Providers

Axxell (Espoo, Karjaa, Raasepori)

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum (Helsinki, Porvoo)

Inveon (Porvoo)

National Sports Institution Folkhälsan Solvalla (Espoo)

Higher level education

Information about study programmes in Swedish in Helsinki Region

To find suitable Swedish study possibilities see the website: www. (in Swedish) or contact the advisors by using the chat service at the lower right hand side of the page.

Or contact Luckan integration

Institution of Swedish higher education in Uusimaa

Arcada University of Applied Science

Read more:

Hanken School of Economics

Read more:

Helsinki University

Read more:

Helsinki University – The Swedish University of Social Sciences

Read more:

Novia University of Applied Sciences

University of the Arts in Helsinki

Read more:


The largest employment sector where you can find employment mainly in Swedish is within the social- and healthcare ,as well as, in education. The biggest employers are the following:

The municipalities




Kauniainen open positions

The municipalities staffing services

Seure (temporary work)

Organisation owned jointly by municipalities

Kårkulla Samkommun

Non-Governmental Organisation


Other jobs

You can also search for jobs in Swedish on job boards. There is not a specific job board for Swedish jobs in the capital region. Many jobs require knowledge in both Swedish and Finnish but not all. The Nordic countries are Finland’s biggest business partners. Many companies are nordic companies in which knowledge of Swedish is an asset.

Job boards ( a selection)

TE-services (search word: svenska)

Oikotie työpaikat (search word: svenska)


It is possible to register a company either in Finnish or Swedish and handle all the bureaucracy in Swedish.

Support in job search

Luckan integration counseling can help you find work and brush up your CV, also in Swedish. We also offer a mentorship programme (Fika) and a professional networking concept called Dörren.

See our networking possibilities:




Is Swedish the right option for me?

Many jobs require also knowledge in Finnish. Government jobs require excellent Finnish and at least intermediate Swedish. However, there are jobs that require only Swedish.

Swedish can be a great option for you who already have previous knowledge in Swedish, if you want to study a bachelor’s degree or pursue vocational studies (in which it is possible to also learn Finnish during your studies), already work, or plan to work, in English, have a need to apply for citizenship and speak a language related to Swedish (Swedish is a germanic language belonging to the indo-european language tree), you want to start a business that has the nordic market as its focus or you have a Swedish speaking family. Just to name a few examples!

Book a time with our guidance if you need help in assessing if Swedish is the right option for you


News in Swedish (Uusimaa)

Svenska YLE

The Finnish Broadcasting Company has a broad variety of both news and other programmes in several languages. Svenska YLE covers all of Finland, mainly the bilingual areas in text, radio and on TV.

Hufvudstadsbladet, HBL

Is a national daily newspaper in Swedish

National Broadcasting Company YLE

Offers news in Swedish on the Internet, radio and TV

Västra Nyland

New from west of Uusimaa



News in easily read Swedish

Affärsmagasinet Forum

Forum Business Magazine covers business, management, technology and science in Finland and the Nordic area, as well as the Baltics, the US and Asia, on a monthly basis.

Event calendar


is an event calendar where you find Swedish activities in many parts of Finland. The webpage is only in Swedish. On the left side of the page you can choose: category of interest ( kategori), area (plats), time (När), For who (För vem).


There is not at the moment one place where you can find all the information about different kinds of associations and the activities they do in the Capital region. The information that is available is only in Swedish. Therefore, the best way forward to find interesting activities is to be in touch with our guidance.

Shortly about associations

There are many different kinds of associations. The scale and magnitude of them vary from a hobby club to producers of important societal functions. Associations play an important role in producing Swedish services and many offer activities for children and adults.

Where to find the existing information?

Luckan maintains the search engine . From the servicekatalogen you can find information about Swedish- speaking associations, hobbies, cultural institutions and more. However, the service is only in Swedish at the moment.

Below a selection of associations and collected information about associations in the Capital Region:

AV i Sörnäs (Munkkivuori, Helsinki)

Local association that organises a bridge-club, dance-club, has an Art circle, babycafé, yoga, meditation, capoeira, Sami club. To get involved call the chairman.

Norr om Stan rf.

Organises cultural events and free-time activities in the north of Helsinki and Vantaa area is an asscoiation for immmigrants who have integrated in Swedish. You can also follow them on facebook.


Folkhälsan is a versatile, modern non-profit organization operating in the field of social and health services that is a producer of a wide variety of services from elderly care, research, vocational education, shorter courses to local swimming schools. Folkhälsan is also a big employer. Below a selection of Folkhälsans services/activities:

Swedish associations in Espoo

All Swedish associations are gathered in this pdf. The information is in Swedish.

Associations in Kauniainen

On the municipalities homepages you can find information about different kinds of associations, also Swedish speaking.

Swedish associations in Vantaa

This is a brochure gathering all swedish services in Vantaa. In the brochure you can also find information about Swedish free-time activities and associations. (only in Swedish)

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