Families and integration

Language choice within the family

You can choose to be integrated either in Finnish or in Swedish. It might be easier for the whole family to choose the same integration language.

For a family it is good to think about the future plans. Which language, Finnish or Swedish, could be in more use for your plans? It is good if you have some knowledge of the language that you choose for your child’s language of instruction. That makes it easier for you to help them with their homework and to take part in the school activities.

Maternity and child health guidance in Swedish

Maternity, paternity and parental allowances

In Finland you can get financial assistance for your family starting from pregnancy and during various types of family leave. Read more about Maternity, paternity and parental allowances a KELAs webpages.

Maternity and child health guidance

Maternity and child health guidance is provided by public health nurses and physicians. The purpose of the clinics and the group activities in connection with them is to support and promote the mental and physical well-being of new parents. It is recommended that you contact the maternity clinic when a pregnancy test gives a positive result.

Helsinki, Helsingfors

Maternity and child health guidance in Helsinki

The services for Swedish-speaking families with children from the entire Helsinki are centralized in the Kallio Family Centre. Kallio Family centre has more services than only maternity and child health guidance. In Helsinki there are also other public healthcare centers that should offer guidance in Swedish.

Espoo, Esbo

In Espoo you will find public Swedish maternity and child care at Iso Omena and in Tapiola (Hagalund).

Vantaa, Vanda

The city of Vantaa hasn’t centralized their Swedish healthcare services, but you can phone the one-stop counseling and appointment number for Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics 09 839 25900 and ask for more advice.

Kauniainen, Grankulla

The maternity and child health clinic in Kauniainen (Grankulla) is in the middle of the town, at Asematie 19.

Cultural and other Swedish activities for families and with toddlers 0–1-year-olds

The baby’s first year is a time of learning for the mother and the whole family. Here you can find information about the services provided by

Helsinki city has a webpage with information on the services that the city offers after your baby is born, as well as guides about a baby’s first year.

The Family Support website gives access to a wide range of services and reliable information on family matters in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English

At the website Folkhälsan/barn you will find information in Swedish about and activities for children from birth to the age of twelve.

Luckan maintains the search engine www.servicekatalogen.fi . From the servicekatalogen you can find information about Swedish speaking associations, hobbies, cultural institutions and more. However, the service is only in Swedish at the moment.

Swedish activities for children in Helsinki

In Helsinki you can find a lot of Swedish activities for the toddlers and families:

Lillaluckan provides Family cafe’s in several languages and they are open for everyone.

Many family cafe’s are organized at LillaLuckan. The activities and programs are for families with children, and it creates possibilities for families to meet each other and for the children to play with each other. All families are welcome to all cafés, even though the different cafés are aimed for children in different ages and families in different life situations.

The family cafe’s program is published weekly in the facebook-group LillaLuckans familjecaféer. All the family cafe’s are free of charge and you don’t need to sign up beforehand.

Folkhälsan has an open Family café Tallen at Lauttasaari. It’s open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In eastern part of Helsinki in Puotila you will also find a family café. This cafe is open on Mondays from 10 – 13 and is free of charge.

Helsinki city offers also Swedish playgrounds

Swedish activities for children in Espoo, Esbo

The Swedish culture in Espoo (Esbo is mainly concentreted to the Cultural Centre Vindängen in Tapiola (Hagalund). At Vindängen the activities are for all ages, from small children to eldery people

Folkhälsan familycafé is open every Monday from 10 to 12 at Thorstorp. For 2€/family you will receive coffee/tea, a sandwich and some fruit.

Swedish activities for children in Vantaa, Vanda

Folkhälsan familycafé is open every Wednesday from 10.30 to 12 at Myyrmäki, Myrbacka församlingsklubblokal, Strömfåravägen 13. For 2€/family you will receive coffee/tea, a sandwich and some fruit.