"We have two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. This page is aimed at giving you some useful tips if you are interested in learning more about Swedish in Finland."

Swedish in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area – Education, Courses and Social Activities Spring 2017

In this manual we have gathered information about Swedish courses, educational institutions, associations and other Swedish actors in order for you to find the Finland-Swedish community in the Capital Region. The manual is published twice a year, in autumn a full version with all actors in both print and online. The spring version is thinner and provides information about the upcoming activities online.

Swedish Integration Programs

You can study at three different Swedish language programs in the Uusimaa region – Helsinki, Porvoo and Karjaa. The studies are full time (20-25 hours/week) and can be combined with studies in history/society/career coaching/other languages depending on the educational institution.

ARBIS, Helsinki

Integration Programme in Swedish

The Swedish Adult Education Centre in Helsinki, Arbis, organizes the only Swedish Integration Program in the Capital region.

Swedish courses

Arbis also offers a lot of language courses for foreigners, especially in Swedish. You can find all Arbis courses through the search engine Ilmonet.

Borgå Folkakademi

Integration Programme in Swedish

Borgå Folkakademi offers an integration program in Swedish.

Swedish courses

In Porvoo you can study Swedish 25 h/ week during 9 months at Borgå Folkakademi.  The studies include introduction to the Finnish history and society. You can study for free, only a fee for materials is required.


Integration programme in Swedish

Lärkkulla offers an integration programme in Swedish. Contact the school for more information.

Swedish courses

At Lärkkulla you can also study Swedish in other forms, from short courses to full time studies.


You can study Swedish at the adult education institutes in the Capital region, in Porvoo or in Kirkkonummi. Get in contact with your local Luckan Integration coordinator for more information about the courses in your region! You find detailed contact information on our main page (Contact).

Helsinki Summer University usually organizes intensive Swedish courses during the summer months.

Useful webpages:

Svenska.fi is a Helsinki based association founded for and by those who have chosen to integrate in Swedish in Finland. The association arranges activities to support integration, such as discussion clubs, field-trips, workshops and one-to-one guidance meetings.

At svenskfinland.fi you will find more information about the Swedish speaking community.

At hej.fi you will find information about integrating in Swedish especially aimed for immigrants.