Expecting parents

This page is dedicated to those expecting a child. Many questions arise during pregnancy and after childbirth. Here we give you advice on where to find information about financial assistance and health guidance before and after giving birth and activities for families with infants and toddlers, in Swedish.

Pregnancy and financial assistance for your family.

Kela is the Social Insurance Institution of Finland that provides basic economic security for everyone living in Finland. It is from Kela you get financial assistance before and after giving birth.

Maternity and child health guidance in Swedish

When you are pregnant you have the right to maternity and child health guidance. The guidance is provided by the public health care.  It is recommended that you contact the maternity clinic when a pregnancy test gives a positive result, and then they will guide you through the pregnancy.


In Helsinki/Helsingfors can you freely choose where you want to go. Maternity care in Swedish is offered in Kallio , MunkkiniemiMyllypuro and Viiskulma.

In Helsinki/Helsingfors the Swedish healthcare and social care service is centralized in Kallio called Berghälls familjecenter. 

Here is a page where all health and social services in Swedish that Helsingfors offers is collected. The page is only in Swedish.


In Espoo/Esbo you will find public Swedish maternity and child care at Iso Omena and in Tapiola.


Vantaa/Vanda hasn’t centralized their Swedish healthcare services. You can phone the counseling and appointment number for Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics, 09 839 25900, and ask for more advice.


The maternity and child health clinic in Kaunianen/Grankulla is in the middle of the town.

Activities for families with infants and toddlers

The baby’s first year is a time of learning for the mother and the whole family. Helsinki city’s 0–1-year-olds web-page has guides about a baby’s first year as well as information on the services that the city offers after your baby is born.

Folkhälsan has a lot of Swedish speaking activities in the Capital region for when you are expecting and up until the child is 12 years.


LillaLuckan in the center of Helsinki/Helsingfors provides many different Family cafe’s. All families are welcome to the cafés that are free of charge and you don’t need to sign up beforehand. The family cafe’s program is published weekly in the facebook-group LillaLuckans familjecaféer.

Folkhälsan arranges Family café Tallen on Lauttasaari. It’s open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

In Puotila, you will find a family café , it is open on Mondays.

Helsinki city offers family events in Swedish at Oodi and at playgrounds.


Folkhälsan arranges a free Multicultural Family Café.

Esbo Lutheran Church arranges family cafés in different chapels around Esbo.


Lutheran Church in Vanda arranges different family cafés in chapels around Vantaa/Vanda.


Kauniainen city/Grankullas “Öppna Familjeverksamhet”/”Open family activities” Facebook-page tells about different family activities that is arranged in Grankulla.

At Kasabergets park families can come play with kids and adults from Ekebo daycare, on Wednesdays between 9:15 and 11:00

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