Integrating in Swedish

On these pages you will find articles about integration in Swedish in the Capital Region.
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Early Childhood Education

After parental leave, parents have the right to enroll their 9-10 month old child in early childhood education and care, but participation is optional.

Financial Assistance During Parental Leave

After 154 days of pregnancy, a certificate of pregnancy can be obtained from a maternity clinic. This certificate is used to claim maternity grant and allowance from Kela.

Healthcare and Social Services

In the Capital Region, one has the right to receive health care and social services in either Finnish or Swedish.

Higher Education

In Finland, there are two types of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences.

Language Levels

Here you will find an explanation of the different language levels in Finland and a free online test to determine your proficiency.

Maternity and Child Health Clinics

Maternity clinics provide comprehensive support to families to ensure that every child, regardless of background, has a healthy start in life.

Presentations of the Municipalities

New to the Capital Region? Check out these websites, designed to help newcomers navigate the area and find important information.

Swedish-language Employers

When seeking employment in Finland, the language spoken in the workplace is an important consideration.

Activities for Infants and Toddlers

In the Capital Region, there are family cafes where parents and their babies can participate in activities and socialize.

Adult Education – Video

A short video providing information about universities and universities of applied sciences.

Before Moving to Finland – Video

A short video offering information about bilingualism in Finland.

Children Under School Age – Video

A short video with information about parenting infants and toddlers.

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