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The labor market in Finland often places high demands on knowledge in Finnish and also in Swedish. If the qualification requirement for a public administration position is higher education degree then it usually requires excellent knowledge of Finnish and satisfactory knowledge of Swedish. In the private sector, language requirements are determined based on company policy.
The largest employment sector in Swedish is within social services and healthcare, as well as in education. There is an urgent need for Swedish-speaking staff.

The Municipalities

Here you will find the municipalities’ recruitment pages. On the recruitment page you have to choose Swedish, Ruotsi, as the language of choice, Ilmoituksen kieli, to find the Swedish job advertisements.





Seure is the municipalities staffing service for temporary work. The link is to the website in Swedish as the English version doesn’t work at the moment.

Private Sector

Here you will find other big Swedish-language employers in healthcare and welfare.

Folkhälsan: Folkhälsan is the largest Swedish-language social services and healthcare organisation in Finland. Folkhälsan provides services within the field of social services and healthcare, for example care for the elderly and child protection services. You can also work for Folkhälsan at their daycare centers and after-school clubs, or with children, young people and adults with disabilities. Folkhälsan also has a research center.
Here you will find all their open positions in Swedish.

At Barnavårdsföreningen you can find jobs working with children and families.

At Kommuntorget you can find Swedish-language welfare and healthcare jobs from all over Finland.

Job Boards, a Selection

TE-services, search word: svenska

Oikotie Työpaikat, search word: svenska

Job Market Finland

At Job Market Finland you can find the Swedish-language jobs by clicking on Personal Customers->Vacancies->More Search Terms and check the Swedish box. The site, maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, has a lot of work-related information, so please surf around a bit.

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