Higher level education

 Kaisa-Linda Tammisto/Helsinki Marketing

Higher education is divided into university education, and university of applied sciences (UAS) education, the former giving more focus to theoretical knowledge and research skills, and the latter being more working-life oriented. Both grades and entrance exams are used in the application process. Higher level education in Swedish is for the most part offered in Helsinki, Helsingfors.

Admission to certain important study areas; medicine, pedagogy, law, sports, etc. has quotas for Swedish-speakers to maintain the Swedish-language service. This means that having a Swedish education background may improve access to higher education in certain fields.
Having studied Swedish as a mother tongue or Swedish as a second language (S2) may affect the admission process through giving different amounts of extra points for the applicants depending on the university, UAS, or field in question.

One applies to the universities through studyinfo.

The universities where Swedish is available are

Hanken School of Economics,

Helsinki University, Helsinki University – The Swedish University of Social Sciences and

University of the Arts in Helsinki.

Universities of applied sciences can also be applied to through studyinfo. They are

Arcada University of applied sciences and

Novia University of Applied Sciences, situated in Raseborg, 100km west of Helsinki.

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