Integrating in Swedish

On these pages you will find articles about integration in Swedish in the Capital Region.
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Youth Centers

Youth centers are free of charge places that are open in the afternoon or evenings. One can just hang or do things, like play instruments or games.


Starting a business differs from country to country. Here we have collected websites with information on how it works in Finland.

In Swedish in Finland–Финляндия по-шведски–På svenska i Finland

This book is for you who are curious about the Swedish language and culture within the Finnish society.

Language Apps

Here you will find language apps for adults and children, both free and with a charge. Click on the links for more information.

The Adult Education Centers

Interested in arts and crafts, languages, exercises, cooking or something else? Then you should have a look at the courses offered at the Adult Education Centers!


One way to find a community is to take up a hobby that interests you or to join an association that is working with issues that you like.

Cooperation Between Home and School

The school days works best when there is working, ongoing communication between home and school. Here are some of the tools for that.


You can find support and advice from the municipalities and also from organisations and interest groups.


Here you will find information about exhibitions, theater plays, concerts and other fun stuff.

Luckan Helsingfors

Luckan is a Finland-Swedish living room in the center of Helsinki. There you'll find information, culture events, baby cafés and much more.

Mentoring and Network

Meeting someone who is already established in the new community can help you with contacts, be someone who listens or supports you in another way.

News in Swedish

One way to get familiar with a new place is to follow the local news. Here we have collected the news services in Swedish in southern Finland.

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