CV clinic – March 4th,  3pm-5pm, Luckan, Asematie 3

Are you looking for a job in the region? Do you need tips and ideas for your job search? Bring you CV with you to the CV clinic.


Jobsearch event – April 8th, 3pm-5pm, Luckan, Asematie 3

Where can you find the right jobs? How do you write a cover letter? How do you prepare yourself for a job interview? Come to Luckans’ jobsearch event and get answers to your jobsearch.


Working in Finland – May 7th, 3pm-5pm, Luckan, Asematie 3

The Finnish labour and occupational safety legislation is applied to all employees working for Finnish employers regardless of their nationality. Come to Luckans’ working in Finland event and learn more about your rights and obligations on the labour market.


International Café – February 19th, March 26th, April 23rd and May 27th, Luckan, Asematie 3

Would you like to meet people from different backgrounds to talk and share experiences about life in Finland and the Finns? The International café offers an opportunity for people from various backgrounds to meet and discuss issues related to being a newcomer in Finland such as culture, traditions, bureaucracy and even food. We offer coffee free from charge.