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Is your association losing or lacking members? Is it difficult to recruit new board members? Do you in your association believe that different opinions and experiences have an added value?

If you recognized your association with the questions above, maybe FIKA – Förening could be something for you! The FIKA – Förening exists to create links between the Finland-Swedish third sector and the immigrants/migrants.

FIKA organizes lectures and seminars about multiplicity and will give you and your association the tools and means to include multiculturalism in your area. Your association will also get tips on how to attract new international members to your activity and how you can with simple means adapt your activity to suit people who don’t have Swedish as mother tongue.

There are many different methods to choose from on how to go about this. All associations have different needs, and by discussing with us FIKA can design solutions that are entirely suitable and sovereign for your association’s activity!

All associations that join have the opportunity to present their activities and programs on the FIKA web site. Expand your network and use the possibility to take part in a positive integration. Join us!