When arriving in Finland there are many practical things to take care of in order to get settled in. For general information about living in Finland see Infopankki, a webpage providing information in 14 languages about life in Finland.


In order to live in Finland you need a permit of residence. There are different kinds of permits depending on your reason for moving to Finland. For more information on residency please visit The Finnish Immigration Office or the Finnish Police’s website.


If you intend to stay in Finland for one year or longer you will be eligible for a personal identity code. To get one you need to report to the Local Register Office registration. This is needed in order to permanently live in Finland. For more information please visit The Population Registration Centre.


When moving to Finland on a permanent basis you have a right to social security benefits and a so called Kela-card. For more information about the social security system, please visit InToFinland 


If you are planning on working in Finland you will have to get familiarized with the Finnish taxation system. For more information and help with your taxes please visitInToFinland as they can help you with your taxes and social security questions.


When you live in Finland you will need to register your address in order to get mail. For more information on how to register with the post office please visit POSTI/POSTEN


If you are living in Finland it might be a good idea to have a Finnish bank account. Especially if you are planning to work here. In order to open a bank account in Finland you will usually need the following information with you when you visit the bank:

1.Passport  2.Additional photo ID  3.Proof of address (e.g. a letter you’re your name sent to your adress) 4.Finnish personal identity code  5.KELA card  6.Residence permit.


The public transportation system in Finland works well in the capital region. If you use public transportation regularly it is good to have a personal travel card. For more information please visit HSL/HRT

If you need help with finding out how to get around there is a Journey Planner that can be helpful.


If you want a Finnish phone number you can get a subscription from a number of different phone companies. There are many different types of contracts and it is always good to compare prices. The biggest companies in Finland at the moment are: Sonera, Elisa,Saunalahti and DNA. You can also go into one of the shops and talk to an expert in person to find out what the best deal is for you.

Where to find more information?
Each municipality in the Capital region have their own immigration information offices where you can ask for more specific information.
IN ESPOO (serves also Kauniainen)