A guided tour around Helsinki was the perfect way to greet the fall season!

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The fall is officially here and we greeted it with open arms by organising a guided tour with Heidi Johansson around Helsingfors. During the tour we had the chance to see Helsinki through the Finland Swedish lens and learned about the history but also a lot about what marks the culture and community today. 

We talked about families in Helsinki, Fazer and Paulig to mention a few, brands that today are so very Finnish. Heidi reminded us that also they have immigrant background and have moved to Helsingfors to start up their own businesses at a time. Helsinki and Finland is diverse today, and has been throughout the history. 

The tour was both fun and informative. Thank you Heidi for showing us around, and thank you all who took part, it was really nice seeing you!

We hope that the guided tours around Helsinki will become a usual part of our Event repertoire. 

If you would like to know more about Swedish in Finland, you can download the book På svenska i Finland here, or even have it sent home to you. 

Also remember to see our other upcoming events here

Hope to see you around!

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