Competence Center for Swedish integration

Kompetenscentret för svensk integration

Our aim is to develop a Competence Center for Swedish integration within Luckan 

We are forming a strategy and, thus, a website for a functional and holistic-take on Swedish integration for children, youth and adults in the Capital Region. To help construct our strategy, Luckan organised two sizeable workshops back in Autumn of 2019. Almost 100 recipients from education, the public and third sector attended our workshops. The contents of our workshops were based on previous projects, interviews and feedback from surveys that we sent out in the spring of 2019. We have also worked alongside Demos Helsinki to create our strategy as well as with many of those already integrated in Swedish. The strategy is due to be realised in spring 2020. 

To reach our aims and achieve our goals of the strategy, Luckan plans to co-operate with state authorities, municipalities and the third sector. Kompetenscentret för svensk integration is a three year project financed by Aktiastiftelserna; Stiftelsen Tre Smeder, Aktiastiftelsen Esbo-Grankulla and Aktiastiftelsen i Vanda.

Components to our vision upon which our strategy builds: 

  • Integration in Swedish needs to be developed so that individuals can make informed decisions.
  • Enablement of diversity within the Swedish-speaking community.
  • Look at integration as a broader process; from language learning to work and one’s profession to one’s free time.
  • An understanding that different levels of language-skill can be seen as useful, enriched and important.
  • Opening social networks at a national, Nordic and European level. 

What we have done so far 

We have sent out the Welcome! letter at the beginning of August 2019 to 2200 inhabitants in the Capital Region. All of whom were 18 to 65 years old and who moved to the Capital Region from January onwards and do not speak Finnish nor Swedish nor Sami as their mother tongue.
In the letter, we highlighted the possibility of integration through the medium of Swedish. We also invited people to come down for a coffee and gave an information session about opportunities available in Swedish. 

The Welcome! letter from Spring 2020.

We arranged a workshop for Swedish organisations and associations to register their activities at Stödfö, Stödfö is an information platform, created by Uudenmaan ELY-keskus, for those integrating and those who help to integrate. Today, it can be difficult for social workers and other care-professionals to find activities provided by Swedish organisations and associations.

Arranged two workshops, the first on integration pathways for children and youth and the other on integration for adults. The participants represented the municipalities, educational sector, the third sector, people dealing with newcomers, the reference group and other newcomers that have been integrated in Swedish. All in all around 100 people took part in these workshops. 
During the workshops we defined some obstacles that make it harder to integrate in Swedish for all age groups. We will introduce the different parts of the obstacles in spring 2020 when the strategy will be presented. 
One of the main problems is lack of information about the Swedish pathways in a broad sense. Both for families choosing a Swedish path for their children, from daycare on ward l and for adults to find education or jobs where Swedish is an asset. 

What the future holds

During spring, we plan to launch our vision and strategy to the public. We will include politicians and officials to take part ands will engage associations and promote Swedish integration within their work. The work on the website will also continue, so that the website can be launched at the end of 2020. We will continue to inform newcomers to Finland about the alternative opportunity to integrate through the medium of Swedish.

Flyer for our Guidance for Families from Autumn 2020

Kompetenscentret för svensk integration 

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