FIKA Mentoring Programme

A meeting place between immigrants and people who are established in Finland. Through one-on-one mentoring, pairs share experiences and create something new!

How does FIKA work?

A person who needs support in their integration journey is paired with a mentor who feels established in Finnish society. A mentor is a listener, a friend, and someone who shares their experiences of living in Finland. The pair meets for 6 months, around 3 times per month.

Who can join?

  • You can get your own mentor if you have moved to Finland and now live in the Capital Region.
  • You can become a mentor if you have feel established in Finland and live in the Capital Region. 
  • No special experience is needed to join – Luckan will match pairs with participants’ resources and wishes in mind!

What do mentor pairs do?

Together mentor pairs choose their own focus. For example, pairs can:

  • Share experiences about life, society and culture
  • Do career mentoring and discuss the Finnish labour market
  • Practise Finnish, Swedish, or English language 
  • Whatever they decide they want to do.

The process


Applications for mentees open twice per year: in August and January. Mentors can apply all year round.


The coordinator gives information and interviews all interested mentees and mentors.


Luckan matches participants into pairs, prioritising quality matches and interests of participants.


New mentor pairs meet for the first time during an introduction event at Luckan. Mentor pairs then meet on their own for 6 months.


In a mentoring programme a mentor – who is more experienced in a certain field or area – shares their practical knowledge and helps to guide a mentee – somebody who needs advice and support in this area.

As a future mentee you need to be motivated, and be interested in meeting new people. You also need to have a residence permit. You will have to set your own goals for what you want to achieve during the programme; receive constructive feedback; accept suggestions and advice, and be open to new ideas and change.

As a future mentor you need to be ready to volunteer to support someone who needs assistance in integrating into Finnish society. No particular experience or knowledge is required, just an open mind and the interest to get to know a new person.

Both mentor and mentee need to be able to commit for 6 months, and meet 3 times per month.

A mentor period lasts 6 months from the first meeting. During this time you will meet your mentor/mentee around 3 times per month.

As a mentee you will receive personal advice and support from somebody who cares. You increase your social confidence, develop strategies for dealing with your personal and social issues, identify your goals and establish a sense of direction, gain valuable insight into the next stage of your life or career, obtain new friends and broaden your network.

Through meetings with your mentor – a person well-established in Finnish society – you might get support in job search and practical advice on social life and integration, practice Finnish or Swedish language and obtain useful information about living in Finland. 

As a mentor you will be a bridge between the mentee and Finnish society, which is new to the mentee. You may give advice regarding job search, language and the integration process, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and act as a role model. You help your mentee set clear goals and develop strategies for dealing with the mentee’s  personal and social issues. 

Being a mentor you have an opportunity to improve your communication and personal skills, reinforce your own current skills and knowledge, gain recognition for your skills and experience, enhance your CV by participating in volunteering activities. You also increase your circle of friends, and learn about a new culture.

No. It is a FIKA coordinator who pairs the mentor and mentee based on the mentee’s needs and requirements, and on the mentor’s resources.

At the moment we cannot guarantee that all who have applied for the programme will get a mentor/mentee.

First, you will be invited to an interview where we tell you more about the programme. Through the interview we also want to get to know you, so we can try to find a great match.

When the mentor and mentee are paired, they first meet at Luckan or online during a kick-off event. During the first meeting a coordinator gives information and answers questions. During that meeting the mentor and mentee agree on the goals for the mentorship and on convenient times and places to meet. At the end of the mentoring, a final meeting with the coordinator can be organised, and both mentor and mentee can get a certificate for participating. Luckan supports all pairs throughout the whole process. 

Participation in the programme is FREE of charge. 

Yes, it is possible to have entirely digital or hybrid mentor periods – it’s up to your preference.

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