About us

Since 2008 Luckan Integration has offered information and counseling, workshops, social gatherings and mentoring for immigrants. Our service aims to empower the individual by offering information and guidance for making independent decisions. Our starting point is always the needs of the client. We work with inclusion and a two-way integration. We believe in the power of networks and believe all parties have much to gain from meeting people of all backgrounds. As a Finland-Swedish organisation we know that there are many ways to be Finnish.
Luckan Integration is a part of Luckan, which is a Finland-Swedish Information and Culture Center that gives  information about Swedish services and about the Finland-Swedish community: its cultural life, associations and much more.

Our team

Veronica Hertzberg

Acting Team Leader and Project Manager
+358 50 581 9924
Luckan Integration & Kompetenscentret för svensk integration

Niklas Grönroos

Integration Coordinator
+358 50 521 0093

Yasmin Samaletdin

Integration Coordinator
+358 40 485 9636
Capital Region

Aino Jones

Integration Coordinator
+358 46 920 7962
Kompetenscentret för svensk integration

Cecilia Fewster

Integration Coordinator
+358 50 356 6661

Eva Persson

Communications Officer
+358 50 590 0573
Kompetenscentret för svensk integration

Gerd Norrgård

Project Manager
+358 45 211 7922

Johan Andersson

+358 45 311 8943
Kompetenscentret för svensk integration

Solveig Österlund

On childcare leave