FIKA kicks off a new round of mentor pairs!

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As the spring of 2021 is arriving, around 30 matched pairs on Luckan’s mentoring program FIKA are beginning their mentorship periods. For the first time in FIKA’s history, most of the new pairs begin their mentorship by meeting in a series of online events – this time also with a brand new group format. 

With three events down, the format has been a success for the participants who not only get to meet their own pair, but also many others. In every meeting, each mentor pair have time to get to know each other in their own breakout room, where they discuss their goals for the mentoring. After finding things they have in common and activities they plan to do, the mentor pairs exchange their ideas with the rest of the pairs in the main session. This way, the mentor pairs help each other get creative and share useful tips for the next 6 months that they will be meeting. 

As corona-restrictions continue, most pairs will be meeting up in a combination of online and face to face meetings. Luckan and FIKA focus on supporting the mentor pairs through digital hurdles, by providing guidance and online events that all are welcome to join.

Overall, FIKA continues to be an important facilitated meeting point between immigrants and people who are established in Finland. In the words of our participants: “I liked how simple and easy it was to meet a new person.” And as always, the effort that goes into matching pairs is noted: “Luckan did a GREAT job on matching mentors and mentees.”

Keep an eye out for FIKA in the future if this sounds like something for you too! 

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