Helsinklusion – towards an inclusive Finland

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On May 11th we held an online political debate called “Helsinklusion – towards an inclusive Finland”. Invited were candidates participating in the municipality election in Helsinki on June 13th. You can watch the debate here, you will find the subjects and timeline below.
Find more information about the municipal election here.

00:40 Nera Beciroski, Feminist party, introduction.
02:44 Elie El-Khouri, Christian Democrats, introduction.
04:40 Juhani Klemetti, Liike nyt, introduction.
06:44 Silva Mertsola, Kokoomus, introduction.
08:38 Suvi Pulkkinen, Green party, introduction.
10:02 Arvind Ramachandran, Left Alliance, introduction.
11:45 Klaus Sallinen, Centre Party, introduction.
13:10 Thomas Wallgren, Social Democrats, introduction
16:56 Debate on integration.
30:15 Debate on education.
49:10 Debate on urban environment.
1:03:16 Debate on social services and health care.
1:14:06 Debate on culture and leisure.
1:24:20 Questions from the audience.
1:41:40 Last questions

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