“If you want to treat me equally, you might have to treat me differently”

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On Friday January 22nd, the project Stig in2 Astu sisään2 Come in2 – Born to be included, arranged its first conference. The overarching theme was “If you want to treat me equally, you might have to treat me differently”, a theme which gathered almost 90 professionals and volunteers from all around the coastal-area of Finland. Most sectors were represented: daycare, school, the social-sector in municipalities and government agencies, healthcare etc. 
Due to the pandemic the event took place via Teams and the lecturers of the day spoke from Copenhagen (Tove Madsen), Stockholm (Frida Johansson Metso) and Vaasa (Emmanuel Acquah). In the afternoon, workshop-sessions were arranged around Stig in2’s three areas of focus: traumatized children and how to support them; parental collaboration via the peer-to-peer method MindSpring and systemic injustices – what they are, how they appear and what we hopefully can do to address them.