A Short History Lesson

Associations play a big part in defining Finland-Swedes. Before the 20th century, Swedish-speakers in Finland did not perceive themselves as a unified group. It was only with the rise of nationalism in Europe and Finland that the idea that Swedish-speakers in Finland belong to a group with a common history, culture and destiny arose.
Key actors in the Swedishness movement founded associations such as Svenska folkskolans vänner, SFV, in 1882, and Svenska litteratursällskapet, SLS, in 1885. The associations spread the idea of ​​a Finland-Swedish history, culture and future to the Swedish-speaking Finns. They began to support education, literature and theater production in Swedish, collect and distribute folklore material, write patriotic poems and songs and support research. SFV and SLS still support these issues today.
When associations were founded and a civil society started to emerge, Swedish-speakers of different social backgrounds began to gather around a common denominator, namely the Swedish language. That is still true today. So find yourself an association that stands for the same values that you stand for, or that offers an activity of your liking, and dive in to the Finland Swedish community!

How to Find an Association for you is a comprehensive and easy-to-use search portal for Swedish-language leisure activities in the Capital Region. is both for people who are looking for a hobby or an association that interests them, and for those who arrange hobbies and association activities, and want to present their activities to a new audience and find new participants or members.

Helsingfors svenska Marthaförening is dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles in households, the economy, and ecology. You can join one of their Krets groups, with 36 to choose from in and around Helsinki. Each Krets focuses on unique themes such as wellness, food, culture, and society and hosts monthly meetings. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

AV i Sörnäs, Munksnäs, Helsingfors, is an association that has a bridge club, a dance club, an art circle, a baby café, yoga, meditation, capoeira and a Sami club.

Norr om Stan rf. organises cultural events and free-time activities in the northern part of Helsingfors and in Vanda. is an association for and by immigrants who have integrated in Swedish. Their events are published on Facebook.

Folkhälsan is a versatile, modern non-profit organization operating in the field of social and health services. Here you’ll find their activities for adults.

Associations in Grankulla are found on this page.

Idrott/Sports | Kultur/Culture | Kvinno/Womens | Kyrko/Church | Pensionärs/Pensioners | Politiska/PoliticalSkol/School | Stöd/Support Övriga/Other

Associations in Vanda can be found in this brochure from page 38, under the headline Föreningar. In the brochure you will also find information about other Swedish-language services.

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