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Radio and TV

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, offers a broad variety of news and entertainment in several languages.
Svenska YLE is the news site in Swedish. At Arenan you will find a variety of radio and tv programs, not only in Swedish.
The Swedish-speaking youth radio channel is YLE X3M, the adult channel is YLE Vega. There are many different programs to dive into, like the news, podcasts, music and so on.
For children there are collections of television and radio programs that makes children’s programs easy to find.

Printed Press

The national newspaper in Swedish is called Hufvudstadsbladet, HBL.
Västra Nyland publishes news from Western Uusimaa.
Östnyland publishes news from Eastern Uusimaa.
Studentbladet is the oldest student magazine in the Nordic countries.
At Luckan Helsingfors, on Georgsgatan/Yrjönkatu 27, you can read around 50 different Swedish-language newspapers and magazines from all around Finland.

Easy to Read or Listen To

LL-Bladet is an easy-to-read paper about current affairs. It is both an online and printed paper. You can order the printed version here.
8-sidor is an easy-to-read news site from Sweden.
YLE has a short news program called Easy in Swedish, with sound and text, published every weekday.

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