Pre-Primary Education


Preschool education is compulsory and free of charge for children the year before they start school. The idea is to prepare them for school. A trial for 2-year preschool education is being carried out at certain preschools in Helsingfors and Vanda.

A child might be appointed to Finnish-language pre-primary education if the child’s mother tongue is other than Swedish. If you want your child to enroll in Swedish-language pre-primary education you should be in touch with the head of the Swedish school or the Swedish daycare centre in your area to sort out the enrollment process. Applications are made in March of the year the child turns six and decision is given in May.

Read more about pre-school at InfoFinland


On the service map you will find the Swedish pre-primary schools in Helsinki. Write your home address in the search field and the map will give you information on which preschool area you are in and what preschool your child will be appointed to. You will also find the contact information of the preschool.

Read more about pre-primary education in Helsingfors and how to apply.


Each preschool in Espoo gathers children from the same area as the corresponding school. Here you will find the Swedish preschools in Esbo.
If you have received a Finnish or English-language notice concerning pre-primary education, but you would like your child to start in a Swedish preschool, please contact Svenska bildningstjänster.
Read more about early childhood education in Esbo. Information on how to apply can be found here.


Short information about the preschool in Vanda can be found here. If you want to enroll your child in Swedish pre-primary education please phone Vandas expert in Swedish-language early childhood education on 040182 4080 for more advice.


Short information about preschool in Grankulla can be found here.  Here you will find information, in Swedish, about pre-primary education in Grankulla. If you scroll down you will find the application form, electronic as well as pdf.
If you have any questions please contact the Chief for Early Childhood Education Annika Hiitola, annika.hiitola [at] ,  050 341 6269, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  9.30 – 11.

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