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Drumsö Youth Center/Ungdomsgården Drumsö in located in the same building as the Finnish-language youth center Apaja, Drumsö library and Daghemmet Sälen. The entrance to Ungdomsgården Drumsö is on the side of the building by the park. Please visit the center’s website for opening hourse. You can just relax, play board games, do crafts, play on game consoles, use computers, read newspapers, do homework, hang out with other children and young people and much more. Some days there are special programs such as baking and guitar lessons. Apaja next door has a hall and a skate ramp that you can use. You can buy snacks at the kiosk for a small cost. Follow the youth center on Instagram to keep yourself updated.

Sandels Youth Center/Ungdomsgården Sandels in located on Tölötorget. The center is open every weekday except Tuesdays, and welcomes primary school students from Monday to Wednesday. See more detailed opening hours on the webpage. You can chill with your friends, be challenged in billiards or table tennis, try out different game consoles and get advice and support on various issues. There is also a kiosk where you can buy snacks. Here is the Instagram account.

Rastis Youth Center/Ungdomsgården Rastis, nicknamed Unkan, is located a stone’s throw from the metro station in Nordsjö, in the same building as Nordsjö primary school. Unkan has open activities for grades 3-6 in the afternoons, and for grades 7 and older in the evenings. See more exact opening hours on the webpage. You can play billiards, computer or video games and various board games, read books and magazines, draw and paint and more. Unkan has access to the school’s sports grounds where you can practice all kinds of activities such as basketball, football, badminton, table tennis or yoga. At Unkan there is a fully equipped music studio where you can learn to play instruments, practice and record music. There is also a kiosk at Unkan where snacks, snacks, sweets and drinks are sold at a reasonable price for visitors. The center is also active on Instagram.


The Swedish youth centre is situated in Sökö. There is a gym, a band room, DJ equipment, food and music clubs, as well as annual excursions and camps. Please visit the webpage for opening hours. On the center’s Instagram account you’ll find current information.

There is also a Discord channel run by the youth leaders, UnkkanGaming. There you can find other young people to play e.g. CS or Valorant with. The youth leaders are online on Tuesdays at 14-17, Wednesdays at 15-20 and on uneven weeks on Thursdays at 15-20.


Vanda has two Swedish youth centers, in Helsinggård and Mårtensdal. See the websites for opening hours. The activities vary and include tournaments, crafts and cooking.


The youth center Grani klubben is located in the library. Please see the web page for opening hours. The center is open almost all year round, with the exception of Christmas break and summer break. It is the young people’s own place in Grankulla. Here you can meet old and new acquaintances, listen to music, watch TV or just sit and talk. The youth center also active on social media under the name graninklubi:

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