Support for Youth


Guidance and Chat Services

Luckan UngInfo offers free guidance in matters regarding studies, work, leisure, mental health etc. The meetings can be done face-to-face or online. Book a time here, in Swedish, or send an email to [email protected].
UngInfo also has a chat service called ÄRLIGT TALAT where young people aged 13-29 can talk to a psychologist or a professional counselor anonymously and free of charge. The chat is open on all weekdays, please see the webpage for the schedule.
VÅGA FRÅGA! is a digital support service where young people aged 13-29 can ask anonymous questions about almost anything such as work, studies, mental health and physical health etc. It’s also possible to read other people’s questions and answers.
UngInfo has a lot of other services. Most of them are in Swedish and online, and all of them are free of charge.

Helsinkimissio/Helsingforsmission offers confidential counseling service free of charge. You can visit, call or e-mail them to discuss your thoughts.

Sexual Health Clinics

Here are the webpages for the different municipalities’ sexual health clinics. They offer free-of-charge contraceptives up to different ages depending on municipality. In Helsingfors and Esbo for those under the age of 25, in Vanda for those under the age of 20, and in Grankulla for those under the age of 25.

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