Is Finland Doing Enough to Help Endangered Species?

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Ramona Larsen, Coordinator of CIRKELN, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Zena Iovino, host of the weekly news podcast “All Points North“. The episode is called “Is Finland doing enough to help endangered species?” and is well worth a listen!

The conversation revolved around the CIRKELN, whose main purpose is to create a welcoming place for people from different backgrounds to make new contacts and try out activities together. Meeting new people enriches our lives in many ways. Those we meet have something valuable to offer, be it a new perspective, a friendship or opportunities that open new doors. They also discussed the importance of integrating into Swedish-speaking Finland.

The podcast is produced by Yle News, the English-language unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation. It is aimed at foreigners living in Finland and addresses many of the issues affecting newcomers to the country.

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