Luckan’s Valborg in Borgå & Helsingfors

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In April Open Living Room in Borgå was a special one dedicated to the holiday of Valborg/Vappu. 

We had a lot of fun making traditional treats together – munkar/munkit and mjöd/sima with our special guest, an expert of cooking and bakery, Toni Rautakoski from Marthaförbundet.  

This time we not only kneaded the dough, but did the same with some plasticine pieces! All the participants got small tasks to sculpt things like your favourite holiday, what you want to give to someone you love, your biggest dream, what makes you happy, what would you like to learn etc. Some things were romantic, some very funny, the others were unexpected, touching or sentimental. It was so nice to see how limitless the imagination of people was! 

We have finished with a crossword about Valborg/Vappu and of course the most awaited part of the event – degustation of everything we cooked together!  

Special thanks to Finlands svenska Marthaförbund and Folkhälsan i Borgå r.f. for such a good collaboration! 


In the centre of Helsinki, Luckan also celebrated Valborg with people from all over the world. 

At our Open Living Room event, participants of all ages ate some traditional snacks and played a spring-themed bingo to get to know each other. (Who watches the Eurovision Song contest? Who is born in May?). We also tested our knowledge about why and how Valborg is celebrated in Finland. (What are the different meanings of Valborg? How do you make homemade mead?). A big thank you to everyone who came, it was a blast! We hope that you have all had a great Valborg-weekend.

Luckan wishes a happy post-Valborg spring to everyone. We hope to see you at our next social events – they are open to all! 

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