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Interviewing Raghad Mchawh for the Stig In2 project. She came from Syria to Finland as a refugee and has encountered problems in the pursuit of her dream of studying to become a reporter. Many of the problems she has faced have a systemic character. The interview with Raghad concentrated on problems with selection and eligibility for further education and insufficient guidance and support with studies. One of the three focus areas of the Stig In2 project is the minimization and elimination of Systemic Injustice that children and young people of immigrant background face in Finland.

The video is part of a series made for teaching purposes and you can watch it later on Stig In2’s website. If you, as a young person of immigrant background, have experienced systemic injustice and are willing to tell you story and answer a few questions in front of the camera, please contact Julia Qesteri: julia.qesteri(at)

Follow the work of the Stig In2 project here.

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