Checklist and Newcomers’ Guide


You’ll find a Relocation checklist with more detailed information at InfoFinland. Here you have a brief version:

What to think about before moving:

  • Livelihood
  • Notification of your move to the authorities of the country of departure
  • Cost of living in Finland
  • Removal goods from the EU area
  • Removal goods from outside the EU
  • Bringing a car to Finland as removal goods
  • Importing pets
  • Removal companies

Things to take care of immediately after the move:

  • Registration of an EU citizen’s right of residence
  • Housing and home insurance
  • Finnish personal identity code
  • Municipality of residence in Finland
  • Social security
  • Bank account
  • Tax card
  • Public transport
  • Driving licence
  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Health
  • Language studies
  • Job hunting
  • Leisure and hobbies

IHHelsinki has published a Newcomers’ guide for Helsingfors, Vanda and Esbo about moving to, working and living in the Capital Region.

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