Open Living Room Goes Art Therapy

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At the end of October, we hosted another Open Living Room event in Borgå. This time our guest was art therapist Merel Baeyens, who chose to pursue art therapy after graduating as a graphic designer from the university. During the session, Merel introduced us to the world of art therapy. The session began with an explanation of its qualities, followed by a series of exercises that allowed participants to get a taste of art therapy’s transformative power.

The exercises were designed to help us observe our surroundings and emotional experiences in a non-judgmental manner. Through creative activities, participants were encouraged to engage in empowering creative play and establish connections with one another. We would like to thank all the participants who attended the workshop last week. They not only shared their experiences and feelings but also actively listened to one another, providing support and creating together. A special thank you goes to our collaborative partner, Kulturhuset Grand.

You find our Borgå events on our Luckan Integration Borgå Facebook!

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