Resources to Address Injustices Faced by Immigrant Youth in Finland

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Luckan Integration has closely followed the media discussions since the publication of the Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s government in June. As a result, we would like to introduce and raise awareness about the materials produced by the Stig In2 project. The project aimed to contribute to creating a society in which children and young people who come to Finland are not only integrated but also included.

Especially relevant at the moment is a presentation highlighting the main systemic injustices that young people and youth of immigrant background face in Finland. The presentation identifies and explains ten main problem areas; it discusses recent, upcoming, and possible structural solutions, while also indicating other possible approaches. The presentation also lists available resources provided by the third sector and other sources, including research, publications, articles, and relevant materials in Swedish, English, and Finnish languages. The presentation is not a comprehensive study, but provides a general overview of the systemic injustices children and youth of immigrant backgrounds encounter in Finland. The material is available in both English and Swedish in PDF versions, as well as in a more interactive format.

In addition, you can find videos on topics such as Parental Cooperation, Traumatized Children, and Systemic Injustices. All of these videos have subtitles in Swedish, English, and Finnish and some are accompanied by reflection and discussion materials in all three languages.

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