Curious about meeting new people?

Every Circle consists of four people who don’t know each other: one host and three guests. The host plans the programme, which can be anything from cooking at home to coffee in town. An incredibly easy way to meet new people in a relaxed way. Every group meets once, but you can participate as many times as you wish.



A circle is four people, all strangers to each other, who are brought together to do something good. The group meets once, and the host plans something fun for the group to do. It can be cooking, gardening or even a game night.

Sign up by using the form on this page, and we’ll contact you once we have found a group for you. You can then decide whether you’re ready to join now, or if you want to participate a bit later. When all four have agreed, the participants get an email, through which they can decide the date. The host will also let the others know the plan or you can plan together, so that everyone is prepared. Each group member is responsible for the costs involved for his/her participation, unless it is agreed otherwise.


Here are some suggestions on what you could do together:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Playing games together
  • Meeting in a park
  • Coffee & language practice
  • Excursions
  • Organizing cupboards or storage
  • Fixing-up around the house
  • Gardening
  • Mushroom or berry picking
  • Meet-ups online (ask our coordinator for tips on what to do;))

For the time being we suggest meeting online, but it is up to you as a group to decide how you want to meet. We follow the instructions from the authorities when it comes to COVID19.

We recommend meet-ups of 2-3 hours each, so everyone knows what to expect. 

If you’re hosting, think of the following:

Choose tasks that you can do together in a group or in the same space. That way you can concentrate on the most important; spending time together.

You do not have to welcome people into your home, if you don’t want to. There are plenty of things to do outdoors or in public places, or online too.

If you’re a guest:

Be open to different activities. You might get to help out with something, or you might be invited to a lovely dinner. As long as the activity makes it possible to spend time together, it’s a good one. If you want to make sure the programme is something you enjoy, you should definitely consider hosting. Also if you’d like you can plan the activity together in the group.


The age limit for participating is 18 years, but otherwise there are no restrictions for participating. You may live wherever and however. Having your own home is not a requirement and (apart from the fact that groups are more likely to form faster in a busy neighbourhood) your living area is as good as any other.


Join the Circle by filling in the application below. Make sure you tell us if you want to be host or guest. You will receive an email when you have a spot in a group, and you may then decide if you accept the spot or choose to wait. The wait depends on how your requests match the others. When all four have confirmed, the group receives an email, through which they decide on the date (the host makes a preliminary suggestion and the guests choose the best option).


The most important criteria when matching the groups are area, gender and language. When signing up you may express other requests, which we consider if possible.


All Circle members commit to one meet-up. If you do not want to join our suggested group, you let us know when we contact you. If you need to cancel your participation later, please let your group and us know, so that we can find a missing group member.


Your Circle coordinator at Luckan forms the groups, contacts the participants and does follow up. Everyone participates at their own risk. Should there be misconduct of any kind, please contact us at Luckan. In the Circle the obvious rules apply as anywhere else: every person and every home is to be treated with respect.


Together as a group you are responsible for the meet-up to happen. The host initiates the contact with the group, and can suggest a preliminary program and date. But you can also choose to do this together with the group. We at Luckan support you along the way, and can think about suitable programs together with you.


Meeting new people isn’t always easy. You might end up in a group with very different people from yourself, and it might take some time to find flow. One thing you have in common with these people, though, is curiosity for new encounters and a will to challenge your comfort zone. The rest you will figure out. Keeping an open mind will help you discover so many new things, both in yourself and others. We are pretty sure you will end up feeling pride for your courage and joy for everything new you’ve learned.

And also, YOU are worth getting to know. Give people that chance.


For the time being we suggest meeting online, but It is up to you and your group to choose whether you want to meet online or in person. You can also have meet-ups outside. 


Being a host does not require much. You initiate the contact but together as a group you decide when and where to meet.
For example in Tampere, in the Capital region or online.