Swedish Courses

Here you will find a wide variety on Swedish courses and resources, both IRL and online.

The different levels

The language courses are leveled from A to C, with A being for beginners. Here is a short explanation of the different levels:
A1 – at this level you have extremely limited knowledge and are close to beginners.
A2 – you still have relatively little knowledge.
B1 – you start to get a grip on the language and you can express yourself quite well in some contexts.
B2 – you have good knowledge.
C1 and C2 – are advanced levels. If you are at these levels you have often studied the language at university or equivalent. You speak and write the language freely.

You can take this indicative online self test if you are unsure of what level you are at. Many education providers tests their new students language level.

The Adult Education Centers

The courses are subject to a charge. If you can’t find any course at the provider it means that they don’t have any at the moment. In that case you can take a look at the online courses further down on this page.

Helsinki Summer University has courses that assume you can speak Finnish or English. The starting levels are from 0, A1, A2, B1. The courses extend over two weeks and are available from May to August.

Grankulla medborgarinstitut has courses during the school year.

svenska.fi is an association by and for people who is or has integrated in Swedish. They are arranging online Swedish language courses, including personal guidances and Swedish events in Helsinki for the participants. The levels are A1-A2, A1-A2, B1-B2 and preparation for YKI-exam.

Free Online Courses & Online Resources

Digitala spåret

Assumes that you know Swedish or English. Levels from easy to advanced; A1x2, A2, B1, B2 and C. From 2008 so a bit old fashioned, but good information. Might be difficult to navigate for someone who doesn’t know Swedish well.

Helps you find web pages, where you can study and practice Swedish at different levels. Here are links to lexicons, news pages, magazines, radio, sfi pages according to theme (health, culture, family, economy …).

Finland Swedish Online A1 +

Assumes that you know English. Is a site where you can study Swedish on your own, from beginner level.

Hi Swedish!

Assumes that you know Swedish. Interactive material for learning Swedish. You can listen and learn words according to themes.

Helmet OverDrive.

Assumes that you know Russian. It requires a Helmet library card. Have a license / language course. You can borrow for 7 days or 14 days, or reserve.

Helmet web books

Assumes that you know Finnish. It requires a Helmet library card. Web Language course. The studies are based on learning through listening and the courses also contain interactive assignments. The courses have a loan period of 14 days. If the course is not immediately available, you can reserve it.

Koti Suomessa A1 +

Assumes that you know Swedish. One can listen and read. The material is like a story and deals with different situations in daily life. There are test materials.


Assumes that you know Finnish. Requires a FB account. A free app where you can find conversation buddies in other languages. Lango suggests suitable companions based on the user’s choice. They can send messages to each other and agree to meet, for example, in the library’s premises or choose to talk to each other online for example via Skype.

Learning Swedish A1 +

Assumes that you know Swedish. This is a free beginner’s course in Swedish for self-studies online, developed by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with Swedish and foreign universities.

Lexin – themed images

Assumes that you know Swedish. Through themed images combined with text, you will learn a wide variety of Swedish words in different areas.

Learn Swedish

Assumes that you know English. It is by the library and has a 6 months waiting time.

Learning Swedish

Assumes you know English. Learning Swedish is a free online course in Swedish for beginners with material for self-study for adult learners. Also an app


Assumes that you know English. Has a huge selection of languages ​​as interlanguage. Listen and read. There is a test opportunity


Assumes that you know English. It requires a Helmet library card. You listen and repeat. Enter Swedish in the search box.

  1. Go to Naxos Spoken Words website
  2. Enter the number of your Helmet library card (without spaces) and click Login.

Click the Student / member playlists account link. Enter your details. You will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions.

  1. Download the NSWL app on your mobile device.
  2. Log into the app and enjoy the audio books. Remember to log out when you stop listening. Only a limited number of listeners can simultaneously be logged into the service.


Assumes that you know Finnish. Log in with Helmet codes. First goes through where you can read and listen to grammar. Then you can do grammatical exercises in the section. The courses are interactive, which means that the student receives feedback on how he or she is doing.


Assumes that you know Swedish. This is a web-based study material that can be used by teachers and students in the free education for teaching in Swedish. The material is particularly well suited to complement Natur och Kultur’s teaching material Mål 1 and Mål 2. Part 1 is associated with Mål 1 and Part 2 with Mål 2. You can use the exercises without having the books.

SFA Sweden

Assumes that you know Swedish. Swedish For All is SFI-Swedish For Immigrants. Here you will find selected learning resources developed by SFI teachers divided into steps. Here are about 400 movie clips created by SFI teachers along with links to web exercises that fit the different steps. This is not a complete SFI course but trains selected parts so that you can prepare for a SFI course and learn more Swedish.

SFI Sweden

Assumes that you know Swedish. SFI teacher Anna’s link collection for immigrants in Sweden.


Assumes that you know Swedish. You must buy a book to get the most out of the site. ISBN 978-91-523-1145-5


Assumes that you know Swedish or Finnish. One should listen to a text and then answer questions. You can choose either advanced or easy-to-read version. The material is based on a photographer’s pictures from Nordic countries

See you in the West! B1 +

Assumes that you know Swedish. This material is with texts to read and listen to, associated grammar explanations and exercises done by Folkuniversitetet in Gothenburg.

Yle Kielikoulu Yle Språkskolan

It is a service enabling you to study Finnish or Swedish by watching Yle’s media content in an application or a browser.

50 languages

You have 50 languages to choose to start from or to learn.

€ Online Courses & Online Resources


Assumes that you know English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or Swedish. You have to answer some questions about yourself, log in and then choose a course. Between 5-10 € / month


Assumes that you know English. Find an online tutor. Easy to use, you see their calendars immediately.


Assumes that you know English. Available both online and as an app. For three months it costs about € 12 a month

Verbal Planet

You get an online tutor. Free trial


Assumes you know English. Find an online tutor.


Assumes you know English, Swedish, Finnish or German.


Assumes you know English


With Tutoroo you can meet a real-life Swedish tutor in Helsinki. At the moment there is one Swedish tutor available in Helsinki through Tutoroo.

YouTube channels

Academia Cervena

Language videos of all the Nordic languages.

Fun Swedish

Easy going explanations of Swedish pronunciations, traditions and such.

Lär dig svenska/Learn Swedish

A1, A2 and grammar.

Svenska med Anastasia

Learn Swedish for beginners.

Svenska med Kalle

Kalle is an SFI-teacher and here are videos he produced and uses in classes.

The Swedish Family

A popular channel following the life of a family of, soon, five living in Stockholm.





Rosetta Stone

Yle Kielikoulu – Yle Språkskolan



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