Integrating in Swedish

On these pages you will find articles about integration in Swedish in the Capital Region.
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Youth – Video

A short video with information about upper secondary education and other services.

Activities for Children and Youth

Hobbies are a great way to try something new, get better at something you like and meet friends.

Comprehensive Education

Comprehensive education is compulsory. The pupil starts the year it turns 7 and ends most of the time in ninth class, when they are 16.

Events for Children

There are events and workshops for children of all ages arranged in the Capital Region.

In Need of a Study Place or Job

If things ain't going as planned or you're thinking about taking a gap year, it can be helpful to talk to someone who'll listen and give you some tips on how to move forward

Integration Training

In most cases you have to be a client at the TE-office, and have been in Finland less than three years in order to receive integration training.

Job Search and Summer Jobs

Finding your first job or a summer job is a great thing. Here you will find resources that help you with that.

Language Cafés and Other Resources

You will find language cafes at Luckan, Lapinlahden Lähde and at Dickursby library, among other places.

Online Courses for Free

Here you will find online Swedish courses and resources that are for free of charge.

Online Courses That Cost

Here you will find online Swedish courses and resources with a charge. Most of them have a free trial period.

Swedish Preparatory Education

Preparatory education is for children aged 6 – 17 years, whose Swedish or Finnish language skills are not yet on a level to study in Finnish or Swedish speaking groups.

Swedish Streaming Channels

Learning a new language can be easier when there is a real person teaching you. Here is a collection of YouTubers making light, fun and educational language channels.

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