Integrating in Swedish

On these pages you will find articles about integration in Swedish in the Capital Region.
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Mentoring and Networking

Meeting someone who is already established in the new community can help you with contacts, be someone who listens or supports you in another way.

News in Swedish

One way to get familiar with a new place is to follow the local news. Here we have collected the news services in Swedish in southern Finland.

School Subjects to Keep in Mind

Swedish as a second language, own mother tongue and religion and ethics are school subjects that one should make a decision about.

Support in Primary School

Sometimes one need help to keep up with school, to strengthen ones Swedish or just have someone to talk to. Here are the different supports offered at the school.

Upper Secondary Education

After comprehensive education you can continue your educational path either in an upper secondary school or in a vocational school. You are usually 16-20 years old.

Vocational Schools

Vocational education and training is designed both for young people, from 16 years, without upper secondary qualifications and for adults already in work life.

YKI Certificate

Also known by the more official name National Certificate of Language Proficiency, allows you to prove your language skills in an officially recognised way.

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