Could Integrating In Swedish Be Something For You?

Finland, as you may already know, is a bilingual country, with Finnish and Swedish as its official languages. Approximately five percent of Finland's population consider Swedish as their mother tongue, and they mostly live on Finland’s western and southern coast. In the Capital Region; Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen, which are all bilingual, over 65,000 are registered Swedish-speakers.
Finland’s Swedish-speaking population are proud Finns. However, they also have their own intriguing culture and traditions that are riddled with complexity and rich history. In this pdf from Folktinget, The Swedish Assembly of Finland, you can read more about all things Finland-Swedish.

There might come a time when you have to choose what language to integrate in. Here, you find useful information about why integrating in Swedish could be something for you! 

– Integration Language

According to the legislation, you have the right to choose Finnish or Swedish as your integration language. 

– Contact Language with Authorities

When you register and get your Finnish personal identity code, you should remember to choose either Finnish or Swedish as your contact language with the authorities.

– Employment Services

If you are registered at the employment services, and have the right to an integration plan, you can choose to have your integration training in either Finnish or Swedish.
If you don’t have the right to an integration plan, but you are unemployed and registered with the employment services, you can ask to have Swedish language studies included in your employment plan.

– Swedish Language Courses

There is a range of Swedish language courses, such as daytime and evening courses, tailored to different levels of existing language skills, and with a focus on various interests, for anyone interested in learning Swedish.

– Bilingual Authorities

In contacts with state authorities and bilingual regional or municipal authorities, you have the right to use Finnish or Swedish. This concerns for example tax and police errands and your public health and social care provider. 

– Swedish-language Education

There is Swedish-language education from early childhood education to university studies. The national core curriculum is the same in Swedish-speaking as in Finnish-speaking schools. 

– Finnish Citizenship

When you apply for Finnish citizenship you need to prove to have knowledge in either Finnish or Swedish language. Learning Swedish could be a more accessible pathway to obtaining Finnish citizenship for example for those who already speak a Germanic language.

– Language at the Workplace

Even if you initially focus on Swedish-language integration training, you might want to explore Finnish in the future. There are job opportunities in Swedish, but since many jobs require proficiency in Finnish, you might need to study Finnish at some point. Knowing both Finnish and Swedish is a valuable asset in the Finnish job market that enhances your opportunities.

– Culture

There is a lot of Swedish-language media, literature, theater, music, and other social and cultural activities in Finland. 

– The Nordic Region

To integrate in Swedish is to integrate in the Nordics. Through the Swedish language, the entire Nordic region opens up to you.

Have Questions or Need Assistance? We're Here to Help!

If you want you can book an appointment with one of our counselors to discuss integration in Swedish. They have vast knowledge about integration in both national languages.

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